Makkas Winery

Filippou Kritioti 9, Statos Agios Fotios 8651 Pafos


The Makkas Winery is a family winery located in the fertile soil of Statos in the mountainous area of Paphos,Cyrpus at an altitude of 900-1150 meters. This location assures the production of quality grapes. 

Cyprus is a topographically diverse land, with great differences in elevation, terrain and climate within a small geographic area. It is also one of the few countries in the world where vineyards have not been affected by the “Phylloxera” disease. The vines of Cyprus are genuine clones of the European “Vitis Vinifera”.

The ship of Kyrenia, which is the symbol of the Makkas Winery, transported in antiquity the exquisite Cypriot wine to other countries. According to archaeological studies such as that of Maria - Rosaria Belgiorno, Cyprus was the first Mediterranean country to produce wine.


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